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Participating in STEAMing Ahead for Success will allow Southwestern New Mexico Students to:

Participating in STEAMing Ahead for Success will allow Southwestern New Mexico Students to:

Gain Valuable STEAM Literacy Skills

Science: inquiry, prediction, observation, questioning
Technology: production, research, innovation
Engineering: building, invention, problem solving
Arts: design, expression, planning, organization
Math: logic, reasoning, sequencing, measuring

“I have found that having strong reading and writing skills have been extremely useful in my science classes because I am able to understand the terminology and effectively communicate my research findings.”
– 12th Grade Student

Explore How STEAM Impacts Their Daily Lives and Prepare for College and Career

The focus of  STEAMing Ahead for Success is to provide access for South New Mexican students to real-world STEAM experiences in order to provide a FOUNDATION for future learning and career.

Engage in Hands-On Experiences

Some examples of STEAM experiences that STEAMing Ahead for Success and its STEAM Mentors will promote at the K-12 level and beyond:

Coding Club
Engineering Club
Summer STEAM Camps
Cyber Defense Competitions
STEAM Mentoring Cafe
Research with a Scientist
Math & Computer Science Terms

STEAM Mentors will assist students in exploring avenues for getting involved in STEAM activities and organizations

Establish Important Relationships with Industry Professionals through a STEAM Mentoring Program

  • Pairing students and teachers with STEAM Mentors who will provide support and guidance on accessing STEAM experiences and learning opportunities
  • Training of STEAM Mentors provided by STEAMing Ahead for Success in partnership with industry and school
  • Developing a pipeline of young industry professionals (STEAM-Mentors) who work to ensure the next generation of SW New Mexican students have real-world, hands-on experiences in STEAM
  • Enhancing co-op programs and internships with industry that benefits students, teachers, employers, and universities

Develop Key Leadership and Communication Skills through Involvement with STEAM Advocates

STEAMing Ahead for Success will help students develop the critical skills of Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking.

The total number of NM students graduating with
a STEM-related degree has increased each year but at a slower pace than non-STEM related
- NM Legislative Finance Committee, May 2016