Benefits of STEM Education for Elementary Kids

Those of you who keep up with our education system know that advancements in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are increasing. With these changes, our education system has updated with a STEM curriculum to keep up with the times.

For those parents that don’t know what STEM is – don’t worry. You’re at just the right place. Keep reading to learn about STEM and its essential benefits for elementary kids.

Why is STEM Vital for Elementary Kids

Introducing STEM is vital while a child is developing foundational education habits in their first years of elementary schooling. STEMs lessons incorporate integrated mathematics, sciences, engineering and technology; while introducing young minds to schools of scientific linear thinking, creative problem solving, inventiveness, and instilling the importance of collaboration and teamwork.

Elementary level STEM education includes customized lesson plans that teach fundamental coursework while introducing students to the various fields of study and potential occupations a STEM education will offer. The objective of educators is not to force new thoughts and ideas on students, but to allow the children to grow interests in subjects organically and developing their systematic approaches to problem-solving.

According to a recently published resource, only 29% of K-5 educators reported to teaching science two days a week or less.

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